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John Robbins Book Review

John Robbins’ book, “A View From the Back Row” calls attention to the need for those who refer to themselves as “Christians” to return to the foundation of scripture as their guide for daily living.

The book asserts that a lapse from fundamental Christian principals has contributed to the Nation’s moral decline and has caused many in the church to fall away from the truth of God’s word. This natural consequence of spiritual ignorance is also mentioned in various places in scripture including Hosea 4:6: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”.  In addition, lack of church attendance is likely another bi-product of Christians moving further and further away from the basics of scripture.

The very first chapter offers the thought-provoking question of whether or not absolute truth exists and asserts that non-believers of this foundational principal find frequent changes in their theology and values as time progresses and societal opinions begin to change.

The next few chapters review key milestones in church history as well as offering some techniques and practices to assist with a Christian’s retention of scripture.

Chapter 4 in particular stresses the importance of church attendance as a way of uniting and strengthening Christians.  It also challenges the reader to view “going to church” as something to look forward to and to be excited about it.  It also asserts that church should be a place where worship is shared among like-minded Christians.  A place where Christians can easily find strength through the encouragement of one another.

The rest of the book explores the application of Christian principals as they relate to day-to-day matters including finances, alcohol /drugs, pornography, music and politics and stresses the importance of obedience to God’s commands which should never be taken likely.

– Eugene Snowden, West Bloomfield, Michigan