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What’s our function as a church?

My favorite term is “preach the Word and shepherd the flock.” Most bible believing Christians would agree, but what do people find when they walk into church?  Even when preaching the Word is the top priority?  Whether we like to admit it or not, most churches are similar to the society we live in today; isolated and unfocused. The majority attending church today come and go without talking to anyone. Many have the impression that warming a pew and throwing a few bucks in the offering plate is all God is looking for.

Children Bored At Church

What about the children?  Way too often the response to the kids being bored during church is bigger speakers, louder drum sets, shorter sermons…like a restaurant struggling with declining sales, we often rely on worldly changes instead of following what the bible teaches about church and worship. One glaring problem is how 50% or more of the youth attending church today walk away from attending church by the time they are 30. Why? Is it the coffee? The bible instructs us to train, prepare and be equipped for spiritual battle. How? By reading, studying, memorizing God’s Word and being part of a body of believers that gathers regularly to worship God as well as support and encourage one another in the faith.

Church Prepares Us

We all need the body of believers to help prepare us for the struggles involved with life on earth. When we aren’t prepared, the enemy easily isolates and destroys us. One at a time or in groups. The attacks can occur within the church, as well as outside, to bring us down. The terms sanctuary, family and body are in the bible for a reason. Like a recharging station for electric vehicles, church should be a place where we can recharge and go out into the world confident that we will reach our destination.  And next week, do it again! When we have lost our way, the bible says we need to return to our “first love.” The good news is the bible remains readily available.  All we need to do is read it, live it and trust God to handle the rest!