Christian Church

The Role of The Church

America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee.”  Most agree with the message in this great hymn.  As we try to shuffle the pages of history, […]
Christian Scriptcure and Teachings

The Function of Our Church

What’s our function as a church? My favorite term is “preach the Word and shepherd the flock.” Most bible believing Christians would agree, but what do […]
John Robbins Book Review

Christian Book Review – A View From The Back Row

John Robbins’ book, “A View From the Back Row” calls attention to the need for those who refer to themselves as “Christians” to return to the […]
Conversations about Christianity

We Need To Talk

Does this unpopular opening line apply to churches? As we look back on the pope’s recent visit to America, surveys continue to reveal non-Christians see no […]

Leaving The Christian Church

Mainstream surveys reveal that the main reason people leave the church is it no longer meets their needs. The common things we hear are: They don’t […]

Problems With a Passive Church

Jesus described this as “Lukewarm” and warned against us.  He even used the term “spit” to describe the situation as something so untasteful that God will […]