Christian Faith

Do Rules Matter?

Do Rules Matter?

Everywhere we turn there are laws, standards, regulations, expectations… Some created by men, some by God. Do we have to obey? Submit? Comply?  Can we ignore […]

The Role of The Church

America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee.”  Most agree with the message in this great hymn.  As we try to shuffle the pages of history, […]
Jesus Washing Feet of Disciples

If Jesus Were On Earth Today

Many wonder what Jesus would be doing if He was on earth today. Where would He live?  Would he drive a car?  Own a home?  What church would […]
John Robbins Book Review

Christian Book Review – A View From The Back Row

John Robbins’ book, “A View From the Back Row” calls attention to the need for those who refer to themselves as “Christians” to return to the […]

Problems With a Passive Church

Jesus described this as “Lukewarm” and warned against us.  He even used the term “spit” to describe the situation as something so untasteful that God will […]

The Basics of Christian Faith

For the Christian it is the bible. The bible says not to add or subtract from what it says. The problem is we all struggle with […]