Jesus Washing Feet of Disciples
If Jesus Were On Earth Today
Do Rules Matter?
Do Rules Matter?

America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee.”  Most agree with the message in this great hymn.  As we try to shuffle the pages of history, the role of the church is also being questioned.  It’s not without merit. Any activity here on earth involving people has strengths and weaknesses.  Good days and bad.

God’s Winning Team

Picture a winning team.  In order to win, personal goals and priorities must be set aside.  For a season, or two, putting the team ahead of our own goals can come fairly easy.  The challenge is what about the third time?

Christianity, life in general, is a daily walk with costs and benefits.  When our personal goals are not being realized, its easy to walk away from the team.  The bible refers to the strength and importance of traveling life’s pathway with others, yet America, like Rome before us, is becoming more isolated.  The same can be said for us as individuals and churches.  As we do, life is becoming anxious and uncertain.  Having our heads buried in our IPhones doesn’t help.  The bible offers answers, but like Rome as it fell, those recommending God are often ignored and/or heckled.  And yet, we wonder why America is struggling.

Revival of Christianity

We have great passion figuring out why our championship teams fail to repeat, but we don’t share the same concern for our own lives, families, church, America…  It’s not complicated.  We don’t seem to realize how close to the edge we are.  History says this casual approach to life is a mistake.  We need revival.  In our own lives, families, churches, America…  Revival takes effort and commitment.  Let us pray it comes soon.