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The Role of The Church
Jesus Washing Feet of Disciples

Many wonder what Jesus would be doing if He was on earth today. Where would He live?  Would he drive a car?  Own a home?  What church would He attend?  Would He vote?

On His Last Day On Earth, Jesus…

Perhaps we can learn from His last day on earth. Mostly, He was busy doing things He did throughout his life. He prayed. Served others. Taught His disciples.

Washed their feet. Wait… What?  The disciples were very uncomfortable and didn’t understand what He was doing, but Jesus told them they would later understand.

The Passion of Christ was To Serve

The old saying, “Actions speak louder than words” comes to mind. Jesus’ passion on earth was to serve.  One of His last acts required that He humble Himself before His disciples by washing their feet.  Why?  He was giving them an example of what being His disciple involved.  He was leading by example and encouraging them to do the same after He was gone. What better way to reveal His passion for serving others?

Are We “Christ-Like” in Our Behavior?

Are we like Jesus today? Are we humbling ourselves? Do we share Jesus’ passion for the lost? Can people see God’s love, grace and mercy through our actions?  Can fellow believers? Are we willing to wash our neighbor’s feet?

Its so easy to get occupied with “doing church” that we forget to “be the church” as disciples of Christ. The bible says God wants to be close to us and He wants us to be like His Son Jesus.  Jesus said His sheep can hear Him.  Are we listening?  What is He saying to America today?  What is He saying to us individually?

We might be surprised to hear Him calling us away from time spent doing church in exchange for more time being the church.