Love Never Fails

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Valentines Day Meaning with Christ

During the recent Valentines Day holiday and most Americans were saying, “I love you” to friends, family, lovers and others.  How do our churches say, “I love you?”  Actions? Words? How we minister? How we worship? How our members live during the week?  How we reach out to the community? How we treat our members?  What is the standard for our pastors?  Church leaders? Members?  What about me?

Love and Forgiveness for Our Enemies

Jesus said to love others as He loves us.  He said to love our enemies, forgive those who have hurt us.  The bible says love conquers all.  The bible says when we love others, we will be rewarded in Heaven.

Loving People We Don’t Like

It’s difficult to love people we don’t like.  What happens when we don’t?  Jesus said to be in the world, but not of the world.  What does that mean?  Like the good Samaritan, the bar is high.  Jesus expects His disciples to follow His example.

How are we doing today?  As churches? As individuals?

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