The Basics of Christian Faith
Leaving The Christian Church

Jesus described this as “Lukewarm” and warned against us.  He even used the term “spit” to describe the situation as something so untasteful that God will “spit” it out of His mouth.  Passivity is a huge problem throughout American churches as the pressure to meet the budget and be appealing to non-Christians is given such a high priority.

As we tolerate virtually everything and water down or remove the gospel, the end result is we become passive.  The people come looking for water and leave thirsty when it is not provided.  The problem is the bible is an “offense” to the non-believer.  We don’t like to offend anyone, yet following Christ is an offense until we accept Him as Lord and Savior.  There is no Jesus plus option.  It’s faith in Christ and Christ alone.  We struggle with submission.  The sinful nature we are born with doesn’t like to submit.  Picture the toddler saying, “Mine!”  As adults we may disguise it better, but the basic problem is still the same.