Choosing A House Of Worship Over An Object Of Worship

Are You Keeping CHRIST in CHRISTmas?
The Basics of Christian Faith

“In the last days there will be a great falling away…” (II Thessalonians 2:3)

Have our Houses Of Worship Become Objects Of Worship? In the past, Christianity vigorously defended Biblical truth no matter what was happening in society. Today, the church no longer controls the debate. We are fighting with everything else for relevance. Many churches have lost their drive and enthusiasm. How many churches today are focuses on the fundamentals? Preach the Word, shepherd the flock, disciple believers, worship, Sunday School for the little ones, Bible studies, revivals…

The Foundation of Christian Faith and Values

As we lose focus, America’s opinion of the church is going down. Along with other crumbling foundations, Americans are becoming cynical and skeptical toward Christianity or turning away all together; leaving a vacuum for other religions or theories. Many believe all churches are the same. Unfortunately, in some ways they are right. Like corporate America, it is very popular in Christian America today to pursue size, scale, popularity, acceptance, and profitability.

Here are some important take-aways to consider:

  • What does any of this have to do with God’s Word?
  • How can someone find God if God’s Word is not being preached?
  • If we, as believers, are not living out our lives as Jesus’ disciples as He commanded us to do?