Choosing A House Of Worship Over An Object Of Worship

A few short months ago we celebrated Thanksgiving; an American tradition going back nearly 400 years to the time of the pilgrims. Did you know that the inspiration behind the first Thanksgiving was the Feast of Tabernacles in the Old Testament? A time when they celebrated God’s provision in the harvest and the hope He provides for tomorrow.

Christmas is a time when Christians worship their Lord, praise Him and celebrate His birth 2,000 years ago. Sports fans celebrate when their team wins. Why would Christians not celebrate God’s victory over sin in the birth of His Son Jesus; the beginning and end of our faith? As we are thankful at Thanksgiving for God’s provision and the freedom to worship Him, Christmas is a time to be thankful as we worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus. The angel Gabriel said a “Savior is born, which is Christ the Lord.’ All the other religions involve a human telling us how to find God. Jesus Christ is the only man to walk the earth declaring He is God and the only way to Heaven is through Him. Why would any church remove the “cornerstone” of our faith? May the joy and peace of the recent Christmas holiday continue to fill your heart, mind and soul.  As Jesus said, “let your light shine!” We live in a time where joy and hope are difficult to find. May people see them both in your walk with God.